Hello legendary families !

Do you want to know who's behind your Legendary Swimwears ?

An imperfect (but happy) Family where "Verte Gruyère" meets the “Bassin d'Arcachon

In our Franco-Swiss family, we have :

=> The Dad, who grew up in the “Bassin d'Arcachon” (in South West of France).

=> The indestructible Twins team. Born very prematurely during the Covid in 2020, they are real warriors. These cheekies are a source of strength and inspiration for our family ! We are sure they will be perfect brand ambassadors.

=> And then there's me, Julie, the Mum. Originally from the emblematic Swiss village of Gruyères, my professional background is in banking, but I like to escape through drawing. Daughter of a photographer father and a piano teacher mother (and even the granddaughter of a stylist grandmother), an artist has always lived in me…

The imperfect family moved to Singapore in April 2023.

Looking for swimwears for my three guys...

I knew how to bring my drawings to life ! The offer is very limited when you're looking for father&son combos and designs other than palm trees or fish!

"Happy Vibes Magnet” was born

A collection of swimwear of a different kind, with a touch of madness that will delight both the kids and the dads, make them proud with cool swimwears to “chillax” by the pool side lah.

In this first edition, we are launching five legendary designs, two of which are a tribute to the City State that has played a major role in building the brand… Welcome Durian and Dim Sum !

Discover our legendary designs

Our values

We created this brand reflecting what we love : a kind of magic, humour, no hassle, touch of madness, family spirit and sincereness.

Of course, keeping our planet healthy was absolutely essential. Our swimwear is made with a premium yarn made from post-consumer plastic bottles from the "REPREVE our ocean" brand.

Plastic bottles are collected by hand from areas within 50km of coastlines in countries that do not have a formal waste or recycling system. 

Our sustainable commitment

All that's left for you to do

Put on your legendary swimwear and let the happy vibes take over. Together, with family or friends, let's enjoy the simple things in life. Let's eat, laugh, dance and sing under the sun or in the rain... it's gonna be Legend... wait for it ... DARY!

"La Verte Gruyère" - by my father, Vincent Murith

Bassin d'Arcachon <3

And if you're wondering what this marriage between "La Gruyères" and "Le Bassin" is all about...

YES, we sometimes open a bottle of Chateau Carbonnieux (classic and legendary) to eat our fondue (melted cheese dish) pure vacherin fribourgeois AOP ;). On the other hand, we've never tried oysters in fondue, but it's on our to-do list ;)